Dear Comrades,

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope everyone had a safe and Happy Holiday Season. I am looking forward to leading our Post in continuing our Friday evening meals in the canteen. We have also brought in old board and card games to play as we all socialize with one another. These games have brought back memories and have allowed everyone to meet new comrades and their families.

In December, we recognized all the participates in the Veterans of Foreign Wars Programs Voice of Democracy, Patriots Pen, and the Teacher of the Year awards. The top three candidates of each category will represent our Post at District 5 Dinner on 13 Jan 2018. Good luck to all.

I encourage you, if you have not done so, please renew your annual membership so the Veterans of Foreign Wars can have a strong and loud voice in Washington D.C. Our VFW Commander-in-Chief needs our support as he fights to keep our entitlements. If you don't have access to the internet, stop by your Post home and let us get your membership current. It will only take a few minutes to accomplish. This gives you a chance to see how your Post is doing, and you might even meet a new comrade or two.

We are looking for volunteers to help around the Post. We especially need volunteers for Sunday morning breakfast. Our patrons have increased significantly over the past few months and any help that you provide is greatly appreciated. If there is any other way you can help, please stop by or leave a voicemail at (719)-392-8677 and I will contact you at my earliest convenience. Together, we all can make a difference in our Post!!!!

In closing, I invite each and every one of you to visit your Post. Reconnect with old comrades and their families and talk about the good old times as well as possibly meeting new comrades and their families. I hope to see you and your families soon.

Yours in Comradeship,

Jeffrey T. Buchwalter
Commander, VFW Cheyenne Mountain Post 3917

Greetings brothers and sisters,

I hope the new year has been a great start for all of you. Now that the hustle and bustle of the holidays have passed, we have many more events coming our way.  We all live busy lives and I’m sure 2018 will be no different. We have activities both at our post and outside our post and all are welcome to help in some way when possible or just bring new ideas forward. It all counts in assisting our veterans and their families.

The Special Needs Children’s Christmas party went very well. There were approximately 70 children and 35 adults who attended and enjoyed their choice of pasta and sauce dishes for lunch along with a dessert, a stuffed animal of their choice, a Christmas stocking stuffed with goodies, and a visit/picture with Santa, Mrs. Claus, and one of their very helpful elves. Thank you all for making the event a major success, the children love it!

Our Post Christmas  party was also a fun, eventful occasion. Besides the camaraderie, we enjoyed a handful of different chili recipes with the fixins along with some delicious desserts.  We also had a Christmas sock exchange.  It was a Merry day! Next year we will be looking into a New Year’s Day party as well.

Our VOD  banquet was amazing, in which our first place participant went on to Dist  5 VOD  held at 4051 and received third place at that level. Congratulations to all of those young adults.

Volunteers are always appreciated! Another reminder, please keep track of everything you help others with, may it be giving a ride, raking leaves or shovelling snow etc. You  don’t need a special form, just provide what you did, for whom ( veteran, veteran family, friend, etc)  how much time, how many miles if you drove and any money out of your pocket. You may drop this at our post or email me.

Thank you to all who support and help our Veterans and their families!!

Wishing everyone happiness and good health in this new year!


Lynette Foxe
VFW Aux 3917 President
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I hope that everybody took time for friends and family during the Holidays.

I am needing to thank everyone that helped out with the Thanksgiving luncheon. Everyone that came to the luncheon had nothing but praise, not only for the food that was served but also the selections of items on the line. GREAT JOB done by all that helped.

The Voice of democracy dinner went very well. Again thanks to all of the Volunteers that helped set up and prep the food and room for the event. I really need to thank the Girl Scouts and there leadership that where here. Not only did they help serve but they really helpful with the cleanup.

As you can see that this Post cannot get by without the help of the Members both the Membership and the Auxiliary. When we work together great things happen.

I am still very new at doing this job. There is a lot for me to learn. Please if you have any idea’s or suggestions to help improve the operation of the Post Home please bring them to the House Committee. The House Committee meeting is the first Tuesday of each month @ 7pm and lets discuss them.

Robert M. Kidd Sr.
Canteen Manger
Post 3917
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719 392-8677 

Every Sunday-Breakfast $6.00: 8 until 10.30am (eggs to order, pancakes or French toast, bacon or sausage, and white or wheat toast) Line with hash browns, corned beef hash, biscuits and gravy.

Need cooks and kitchen help to re-establish teams.


Canteen Hours:

Sunday 8am until 1pm

Monday Closed

Tuesday 1pm until 7pm

Wednesday 1pm until 7pm

Thursday 1pm until 7pm

Friday 1pm until 8pm, BONUS happy hour food is back. $3 a plate and plates are sold at the Bar

Saturday 1pm until 7pm



1st Tuesday: Business and Development, House Committee and Finance meeting.  (7 PM)

2nd Tuesday: Post and VFW Auxiliary meetings - 7 PM 

Read more: Events for February 2018 - May 2018

The TRICARE Retiree Dental Plan (TRDP) will sunset on Dec. 31, 2018. The program will not be replaced by a TRICARE alternative. However, retirees currently using or eligible for TRDP will have the option to secure dental coverage through the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP). Eligible retirees and active-duty family members will also be eligible to obtain vision care through FEDVIP. In order to have dental or vision coverage in 2019, interested individuals must enroll during the open season — Nov. 12-Dec. 10, 2018. There are 10 dental and four vision carriers from which to choose. Read more information or sign up for updates on the program see

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund created the In Memory program in 1999 to honor Vietnam veterans whose lives were cut short as a result of their service such as illnesses associated with Agent Orange exposure, PTSD, and other causes. A plaque dedicated near The Wall in 2004 reads: In Memory of the men and women who served in the Vietnam War and later died as a result of their service. We honor and remember their sacrifice. Applications for an In Memory Day ceremony this June are now being accepted. The application deadline is March 9. Learn more at


On January 25, 2018 Senators Tester, Brown, and Blumenthal introduced the Veteran Debt Fairness Act of 2018. This legislation is the result of countless news and media reports over the last few years that shed light on the harmful debt collection policies that VA employs. During an Oct. 25, 2017, hearing before the House Veterans’ Affairs Subcommittee on Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs, the VFW highlighted several issues with the current system and explained to lawmakers some of the steps that need to be taken in order to correct the most egregious problems. This bill would require VA to take those steps by limiting VA’s ability to collect debts that occur as a result of an error or fraud on the part of a veteran or their beneficiary; requiring that VA garnish no more than 25 percent of a veteran’s monthly payment when recouping an overpayment or debt; and preventing VA from collecting debts incurred more than five years prior. The VFW applauds Senators Tester, Brown, and Blumenthal for their support and leadership on this often overlooked topic.

On January 31, 2018 the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs held a hearing to discuss VA’s progress implementing a pilot program called the Rapid Appeals Modernization Program (RAMP) to test the new appeals framework created by the VFW-championed Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act of 2017. Committee members questioned why VA lacks a concrete plan to implement the new streamlined appeals process. VFW National Legislative Service Deputy Director John Towles submitted a statement expressing the VFW’s desire to see more data from RAMP before recommending it to veterans. Read the VFW's testimony or watch the hearing. If you receive a RAMP letter from VA, please contact the VFW by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (800) VFW-1899, (800) 839-1899.

On Wednesday, January 17th, the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs held a hearing on the status of the Denver Replacement Medical Center in Aurora, Colorado. The hospital project is behind schedule and a billion dollars over the original budget. The replacement hospital is scheduled to complete construction later this month and be open for service sometime this summer. Representative Mike Coffman has taken deep personal interest in this project as it affects his constituents directly, and rigorously questioned representatives from VA and the Army Corps of Engineers about the troubled hospital project. In 2015 the true nature of the problems with the hospital came to light and Congress stepped in to take corrective actions. The Aurora hospital project is just the latest example of VA’s lack of transparency and not engaging with community stakeholders when building facilities like Aurora. VFW National Legislative Service Associate Director Patrick Murray submitted testimony expressing that the VFW is glad this project is finally near completion, but is calling for better transparency and coordination in future projects. Read the VFW's testimony at


The Departments of Defense (DOD) and Veterans Affairs (VA) has announced the launch of a web-based tool to assist veterans looking to upgrade or change their military discharge. This tool is the latest in a series of steps taken by DOD to improve the discharge review process. Previous steps have included such measures as the 2011 issuance of guidance related to individuals discharged under the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, a 2016 internal review of policies and procedures, and the August 2017 guidance clarifying consideration of cases involving mental health conditions, such as PTSD and those associated with TBI, sexual assault and sexual harassment. The new tool will provide customized guidance to veterans who believe their discharge was unjust, erroneous, or warrants an upgrade and wish to seek a review. After answering a few questions, veterans will be provided specific information on which board to apply to, which forms to complete, where to send the application, guidance helpful to their case and tips for appealing their discharge. For more information see


About H. R. 4457

Overview: H.R. 4457 "Veterans Empowerment Act" is a bill that will "amend title 38, United States Code, to establish the Veterans Accountable Care Organization and to provide veterans access to private health insurance plans, and for other purposes."  The Veterans of Foreign Wars has stated that the bill "would dismantle the VA health care system, require veterans to pay for care they need to recuperate from military injuries and illnesses and reduce VA’s role to an insurance program for veterans."  In essence, H.R. 4457 would transform the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) health care system from a government-operated hospital structure to a government-funded corporation hospital structure, implement the “Veterans Health Insurance Program” and create a veteran’s health care market.  

Under this plan the Veterans Health Administration would continue to provide non-provider programs as it currently does: domiciliary care, programs for homeless vets, educating and training for health care personnel, etc. and operate "centers of excellence" as care facilities.  Veterans would choose between continuing to use the centers (VetsCare Federal) or enrolling in the "VetsCare Choice" health insurance program.

What you can do 

Help us voice our concern to congress that this bill will dismantle our VA health care system and require veterans to pay for the care that they have already earned defending our country.  Read the bill and use the URL to the VFW Action Alert to tell your Congressman that they were elected to improve, not dismantle, the health care America provides her veterans and that veterans do not want this bill!

Attend the Representative Lamborn's Town Hall Meeting

Rep. Lamborn is holding a town hall meeting in Colorado Springs on Wednesday, February 21st from 6 to 7 PM.  Learn more and register


Download this file (About HR 4457v2.pdf)About HR4457647 kB

Read more: Tell Congress NO!   H.R. 4457 Veterans Empowerment Act

Let’s agree on this; Veteran Homelessness is a phrase we should never need to utter. For a multitude of reasons, some Veterans have become endangered of losing their permanent housing or have lost it all together. Once that final step has happened, the Veteran enters the spiral of a whirlpool that is almost impossible to recover from without outside support and help. 

Let me introduce to you a multi-element program named Homes for all Veterans that is led by Veterans Affairs (VA). The grant funding allows Homes For All Veterans to provide outreach, case management and access to community resources to more than 1,000 Veteran households each year who are either homeless or in danger of homelessness throughout the state of Colorado and southern Wyoming.

Read more: Working to make Veteran Homelessness a past tense phrase!

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David Stone

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